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QAXA is a suite of programs (mostly C++ and PERL) for Quantative Analysis of X-ray Absorption.   It was developed for experimental measurement of multiphase flow in porous media but it can be used for many applications involving x-ray absorption spectroscopy.

QAXA is GPL licensed and, along with the full source code, it includes a user manual. Example data sets will be provided upon request. Contact ed_AT_eh3.com for details.

The programs that comprise QAXA were developed on HP-UX and Linux machines. Binaries of the current revision are known to work on Red Hat Linux v6.0--v7.2 and will probably work on newer versions. Due to the use of C++ templates and the problems of template portability, compilation of the QAXA programs from source unfortunately requires the egcs-2.91.66 (egcs-1.1.2 release) compiler. Other compilers and C++ libraries may work, but only the version shipped with Red Hat v6.x is known to produce clean compilations.

To download the programs and documentation, please see the QAXA Sourceforge Page.

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